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Start blogging again on a new platform, My last one was on Jekyll


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It has been a long time since I started blogging, over 5 years, I guess?. My last post was 2 years ago. It is understandable as I'm not into writing. Every time, I start writing I can't glue my thoughts together. Idea after idea and I'm like a boy chasing a shining object. My fingertip speed doesn't match my thought, I guess. However, I'm reading some books it may sound controversial 'the series Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi', I'm learning to slow down, to write, to learn a new skill and master it.

Those books are about relationships, not very tech related, as men or women I think we should know about intergender dynamics. There are tools we use to develop software, there are also tools for us to develop ourselves and our relationships. I belong to the generation of the lost boy, I have no masculine figure. In my pov, the IT industry is even the worst. I have zero clue who to look up to not even a mentor.

Writing is a good skill to learn, I start self-taught to write. It is a journey, this skill also makes me a better developer. Not only for memos but also for the readability of my code. So I decided to coach myself to code and write, even making tutorials. First step count, this is the platform that I chose as it has API for my current project.

I want to my a portfolio blog on GitHub Pages with the requirement of free hosting and domain name. I start to create a brand with the alias codetopg, well you'll know the phase and I don't care. Top G is a buzzword for the masculine figure that I look up to, don't guess me wrong, I'm not a copycat. I learn and develop myself and my world accordingly not stealing from others. I have my life, I'm gonna build it like the way I build software: Agility and Securely. Like a website or app, visitors will come and go, or if they decide to stay, it is all in my control.

The best is yet to come, I will write my technical blog and findings here as well as share my personal journey to the land of the winner. However, the code and static file will be on GitHub, I'm using HashNode as a back-end API for my front-end Blazor Wasm on GitHub Pages at codetopg.github.io. peace out.